Jeff Johnson Supported Trump in 2016

Jeff Johnson stood with Candidate Donald Trump when the establishment would not. President Trump recently nominated a second conservative Supreme Court justice, cut taxes, reduced regulations hurting our economy, and is working to prevent illegal immigration.

Tim Pawlenty Unendorsed Trump in 2016

Tim Pawlenty publicly withdrew his support of President Trump and called him “unhinged”. Imagine the different discussion we'd be having RIGHT NOW on the future of the Supreme Court if things had gone Tim Pawlenty's way and Hillary Clinton was president.


Jeff Johnson will Fight to Cut Taxes

Jeff' Johnson has 95% rating with the Taxpayers League, and plans to reduce taxes by cutting income taxes, the death tax and license tab fees, ending the taxation of social security benefits and instituting an Automatic Taxpayer Refund when government over-taxes Minnesotans.

Tim Pawlenty Raised Taxes and Fees as Governor

As Governor, Tim Pawlenty raised taxes and fees. During this important campaign for Governor, Pawlenty has refused to pledge to the voters that he will not increase taxes again.


Jeff is Committed to Reducing State Spending

Jeff believes empowering Minnesotans starts with allowing citizens to decide how our hard-earned money is spent--not government.

Pawlenty’s Record on Spending is Murky

As Pawlenty was leaving office, state budget agency released forecasts showing spending increasing 27 percent over the next two years -- before the incoming governor, Democrat Mark Dayton, made any changes to the budget at all.

Tim Pawlenty increased spending every year he was in office and when he left St Paul, the state budget agency was forecasting a 27% increase in biennial spending and a $6.2 billion deficit. Pawlenty delayed sound spending decisions, which led to Mark Dayton's huge tax 2013 increase.

The Swamp

Jeff Johnson Will Stand Up to Bad Policies from DC like ObamaCare

Jeff Johnson is a small business owner who will always fight for what is best for Minnesota. This means standing up to bad policies coming out of DC like ObamaCare. Jeff is a strong supporter of term limits and will stand up to special interest groups who want the government to pick winners and losers.

Tim Pawlenty's Attack Ad

Tim Pawlenty’s first dishonest attack ad in this campaign was so riddled with falsehoods, that it was given a D+ by one Watch Dog media outlet, and was found to have “12 questionable claims in 30 seconds — that’s one every 2.5 seconds” by another.

It is time for Minnesota Conservatives to stand up to this kind of politics as usual.